Hi! I’m Brittney. Originally from Pennsylvania, I migrated north after one too many years spent in New York City. Now, I’m blessed to call the greater Boston area home and I spend nearly every weekend in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

free dating sites red deer ab After finishing my NH48, I decided that I wanted to give back to the National Forest, so I adopted the Fishin’ Jimmy Trail, a section of the Appalachian Trail on the Kinsman mountain range in Franconia Notch. Shortly thereafter, I stepped into the role of Franconia North Regional Trails Leader with the Appalachian Mountain Club, managing over ten adopters from Little Haystack through Mt. Lafayette. And in fall of 2017, the Sub Sig Outing Club nominated me for the position of Trails Director on their Board of Directors.

go Our trails are in dire need of repair, and with budgets constantly being cut much of the work is left to the hands of volunteers.

Interested in helping out? Start here.

This blog is an effort to document trail work in a broad sense, as well as from an angle of being a female in a traditionally male-dominated field. And of course, I’ll continue to write about some of my favorite hikes in the Whites.

By the way: you’ll notice I have a lot of opinions, so it’s worthwhile to note that my opinions are not reflective of any other organization, including, but not limited to, the Appalachian Mountain Club, Sub Sig Outing Club, Trailwrights, or my current employer.

What is an outslope?

From the Forest Service website: “an outsloped tread is one that is lower on the outside or downhill side of the trail than it is on the inside or bankside. Outsloping lets water sheet across the trail naturally.”

Water drainages are the single biggest item on a trail maintainer’s list of things to accomplish on a workday. Without outslopes (or water bars, rock bars and dips), water collects on the trail, causing erosion. Standing water also encourages hikers to bypass a constructed path, causing further erosion, widening of the trails and destruction to wildlife.

As a trail maintainer, my goal is to provide a safe experience for outdoor enthusiasts while maintaining nature’s integrity.

Brand representation:

Can your gear withstand the White Mountains? Will it hold up to 15+ mile hikes and endure the harshest of trail maintenance conditions? If your brand is looking for someone to test or review gear, please reach out to brittney [at] theoutslope [dot] com.