Get Involved

Interested in giving back to the hiking community? Look, I get it, we’re all busy. Not everyone has the time or ability to commit to adopting a trail. But there are other ways you can help.

For the hardcore:

Adopt your own trail. If you’re able to commit to trail work just three times per year from late spring to mid-fall, this is the option for you. Training is provided, and actual work includes clearing drainages, light brushing and blazing. Interested in learning more? The Appalachian Mountain Club Trail Adopter program can provide more info. Not in the White Mountains? Start here.

For the weekend warrior:

The Trailwrights group offers the opportunity to perform trail maintenance multiple times per year. You don’t need to be a member, and often don’t even need any experience – you’ll get trained on the job. Learn more about the Trailwrights here.

For the hiker with a fear of commitment:

Yes, you can help preserve the trails you enjoy on each and every one of your hikes. How? In shoulder season, take off your spikes or crampons on bare dirt.  Stay on marked trails, and don’t walk around a puddle, tree or rock that’s in your way. Watch your poles! Trekking poles are one of the biggest offenders of trail erosion. Need proof? Look off to the sides of trails on any given day and you’ll notice the holes they make. If you keep Leave No Trace principles in mind, you’ll be golden.

Still have questions? Drop me a line at brittney [at ]theoutslope [dot] com